• Every industry goes through a busy season; for CPAs and tax professionals, we understand your pain since you are currently in the homestretch of your busy season. Our retirement plan coordinators just completed theirs by meeting the March 15th deadline of making sure all plan compliance and nondiscrimination testing was completed.
  • We’ve all heard a lot about the potential impacts of the significant federal tax law changes made last year. Now we have more specific information about how it will impact our clients and we are happy to share that with you. There’s no doubt the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) offers businesses and plan participants tax savings. These
  • Most businesses choose to outsource their employer-sponsored retirement plans. Beyond selecting the financial advisor and the plan that is best suited for the company, employers also should look at how the plan is going to be maintained and kept in compliance. A company that specializes in this, referred to as a third-party
  • Tax season is in full swing and the end is in sight, which means lots of organizing, lots of paperwork and lots of questions. It’s a good thing being organized, handling lots of paperwork and answering questions is what we do. As with many things in our industry, clients tend to come to us with similar inquiries about their
  • Proposed revisions to the Department of Labor’s (“DOL”) fiduciary rule have been a topic of conversation for several years. We thought it would be helpful to look back at what has transpired and where the rule now stands. The term “fiduciary” applies to someone who holds duties of good faith and trust as well as the ethical
  • Since 2011, Benefits Administrators, LLC has been certified by the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence, LLC (CEFEX). We take pride in the fact that we are the only independent administrative and consulting firm in our area to earn this designation. This accreditation indicates that we are held to the best practices of our industry and