“We have worked with Leslie, Michael and the other folks at Benefits Administrators for many years. In the best sense of the word, they are a great “partner” in any retirement plan(ing) scenario we may have. With so many things in this business pretty standardized, their level of service keeps us in the forefront of customer satisfaction and we know that we can trust our valued customers to their care.They are always our go-to for retirement plan design and questions, and have always treated our clients with the promptness and respect we require.”

Tom Tye AAMS® AIF® CFP®  
Tye Financial Group

“We have had the privilege of working with Michael and Leslie for over 15 years. Their commitment and loyalty to our Union members have been the building blocks of a professional, and at times personal, relationship which goes beyond just boardroom meetings and QDRO’s. Through leadership changes and economic whirlwinds, Benefits Administrators, LLC has provided support and sound advice with positive results.”

Lynda Purdy 
LU 577 Benefits Office

“We have worked with Michael Marx and Leslie O’Bryan, and their staff for over 25 years ,and believe their dedication to service excellence makes our job as Financial Consultants much easier whether pursuing a new client or helping to satisfy the needs of an existing Plan. Gary and Meg Detraz, Hilliard Lyons.”

Gary Detraz 
Hilliard Lyons

“Benefits Administrators is an invaluable partner to my retirement business. In my opinion, it is the most knowledgeable, friendly, reliable, and trustworthy TPA in the region. Michael and Leslie are truly fantastic people, and a pleasure to work with.”

Sabine Stovall 
Wealth & Estate Planner